About Kongsberg

Kongsberg is an historic town built upon strong traditions and always takes its history into the future. Jazz has lived here for decades. Just think – to have been here when Miles Davis or Herbie Hancock held the public spellbound. No, there is no use in crying over spilt jazz notes. Instead, be happy that since the summer of 1963 living jazz history has come to the city every single year.

The business community has thrived here even longer. According to history the industrial starting shot went off when a huge bull broke his horns against a mountain hillside and exposed a large silver nugget back in 1623. 150 years later Kongsberg was the country’s second largest city. Then came the Kongsberg ski jump, the Ruud brothers and the city’s other winter sporting heroes. They put not just the city, but also one of the country’s best ski and mountain areas on the map. Since that time trains, buses and cars have transported people from Oslo, Telemark and other places further afield into Kongsberg. They all come here to enjoy the best of what our beautiful winter wonderland has to offer: of nearby nature and ski experiences. With the development of Funkelia at Kongsberg Ski Centre, a new chapter is written in the history of Kongsberg.